"Harvey has launched an online portal where clients sign up for a personalized roadmap to start a solo business.  The service helps clients determine what solo endeavor best suits them and creates a step-by-step action  plan that can get their businesses up and running quickly and cheaply. Entrepreneur Magazine, March 2012

Why Do Virtually All Of My 1-On-1 Clients Achieve Their Income Targets (In 90 Days Or Less)?

  1. My incredibly simple proprietary system guides my clients from conceptualizing a business through testing, implementation and scaling to maximum profitability.

  2. Unlimited private Zoom coaching sessions ensure clients hit their income targets as quickly as possible.

  3. Clients work with me personally 1-on-1 at all times. (I don't have a team.)

  4. I only accept highly motivated, highly coachable clients with a demonstrated capacity for hard work and persistence.

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Frank K., Tampa, FL

Reached my income target of $100,000 per month on day 88 of working with Harvey.  Harvey is by far the most honest business coach I have ever hired.    After taking so many online courses, I was skeptical about Harvey being able to teach me something new.  But he is without a doubt a marketing genius, and he identified what needed to be fixed in my contracting business in our first session.  With his help, I anticipate hitting seven figures this year.