Harvey The College Wizard® is a serial entrepreneur whose proprietary brain training system guides students to SAT & ACT scores that traditional tutoring could never achieve.

Since he was a freshman at Dartmouth in 1976, Harvey has been tutoring SAT and ACT.  He is the first SAT tutor ever to be awarded his own Wikipedia page.  Over the past 40 years, His success rate for perfect (or near perfect) SAT and ACT scores exceeds anything traditional tutoring could deliver. Even students who aren't straight 'A' see greater gains in less time than with anything else.  His five star client reviews go on for pages and pages.  Harvey's secret is his radically different "brain training" approach, which simply and reliably guides students to the correct answer in every section of the SAT and ACT with mathematical precision. Harvey's system has been vetted and validated by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as The Dartmouth.  Harvey's system is even featured in Small Business Management, the textbook used by MBA programs throughout the United States.

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