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Pay My One Time Fee And I'll Guarantee The Marketing Campaign I Design For You Will Achieve Your Sales Goal Or I'll Work For Free Until It Does.

For anyone who has ever hired someone to manage their marketing or advertising and been sorely disappointed with the results, this is your chance to guarantee that doesn't happen again.


Having personally created a series of multi-million dollar businesses from scratch, I know that every piece of your marketing campaign must work in perfect harmony in order to produce a truly profitable business.


So by perfecting your client offer, your website copy, your Facebook and Google ads and your sales script, I can guarantee you will achieve your sales goal or I'll work for free until you do.


I've been at this for 40 years, I'm the best at what I do, I work solo (without a team) and I only accept clients if I see a clear opportunity for your business that I can help you take advantage of in order to generate a sales increase that more than justifies my fee.


I only accept three new clients per month.


I have a radically different business model from any marketing agency, ad agency or business coach I know of.


In fact, my goal is to transform the entire marketing approach for your existing practice or business so well (and as quickly as possible) that you don't need me anymore. 


Once your marketing campaign is working like it should, I'll hand everything over to you and train you (or a member of your team) to keep things running smoothly, without needing to pay me anything extra.


My marketing prowess has been written about in Wikipedia, Entrepreneur Magazine and Small Business Management (the textbook used in the majority of U.S. MBA programs) and the story of how I became an internet multi-millionaire is told in Marc Ostrofsky's bestselling book, "Get Rich Click."


And if we choose to work together, I'll get you to the your sales goal or I'll work for free until I do.


If you're still on the fence, you can find plenty of testimonials like this on my website:


"I sold my last business for 23 million dollars and can obviously hire any consultant I want. But when I needed the best person to drive traffic to my new website, I called Harvey because he is an internet marketing genius. 'Nuf said." – Lloyd Ecker, Founder, Funny For Money


I only accept three new clients per month, so if a getting a marketing success guarantee sounds appealing to you . . .